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What a Hair Transplant Doctor in Philadelphia Does for Regrowing Hair

Regrowing hair in areas where hair is no longer and refuses to grow seems daunting. Yet a hair transplant doctor accomplishes just that. As with most hair transplant doctors, the procedures used by a hair transplant doctor in Philadelphia, PA are now fairly standard practice. Understanding what these procedures entail helps potential patients make an informed decision on whether or not one of these procedures is right for them.

The FUE Procedure

A hair transplant doctor in Philadelphia, PA starts the FUE procedure by looking for areas on the nape of the neck or back of the skull that have extra follicles. While hair can be taken from other areas of the body, it’s best to take hair from the head itself. Taking hair from the back of the head and placing it in the balding or thinning areas up front reduces the risks involved with follicular rejection associated with hair follicles taken from other areas of the body.

Hairs are removed individually for transplantation as opposed to FUT hair transplants. FUT transplants use strips of healthy skin and hair to regrow hair elsewhere.

The FUT Procedure

The transplant doctor takes strips of hair and skin from the back of the neck or head and surgically stitches them into the areas where there is no hair. The advantage to FUT over FUE is potentially less hair follicle rejection. FUT is also good for patients with a lot of hair or thicker hair toward the back of the head.

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