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Transman Bottom Surgery Basics

Somewhere around half a million people in the US identify as transgender. They experience conflict between the gender they identify with and the body they had at birth. Transman bottom surgery and transman top surgery are two examples of surgical changes that can help. Surgical, medical, and social changes help a person achieve an external look that aligns with their feelings.

What Is Bottom Surgery?

Bottom surgery is a plastic surgery procedure performed on the genitals. They will be changed to match International Center for Transgender Carethe person’s gender identity. In some cases, they will retain functionality. Some transgender individuals choose to undergo these procedures. It can improve self-esteem and quality of life.

Benefits of Genital Reconstructive Surgery

Gender affirmation procedures offer many benefits. When genitalia matches the gender identity, it can help relieve stress and feelings of gender dysphoria. Following procedures such as transman bottom surgery, most people feel more comfortable in various settings, including healthcare, with sex partners, and at the gym.

Before the Procedure

Doctors often have specific requirements you must meet before gender-reaffirming surgery. You must be fully capable of making an informed decision, consent to treatment, and be legally considered an adult. Mental health concerns should be well under control. In most instances, appropriate hormone therapy is often required.

Are you interested in learning more about transman bottom surgery or other gender-affirming treatment options? Visit The International Center for Transgender Care.

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