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Find the Chromosomal Abnormality Treatment to Fit Your Child

The arrival of a new baby brings excitement and joy as your family begins to grow. You look forward to watching your child blossom through the years. No one anticipates that there may be a chromosomal abnormality, such as when a chromosome is missing or there is a duplicate chromosome. In some cases, there may be multiple copies of a chromosome. These abnormalities result in an imbalance that may require treatment for chromosomal abnormalities. A variety of symptoms may be a sign that your child has a chromosomal abnormality. They include difficulty with feeding in infancy, sensitivity with different textures, speech delays, and problems with learning how to walk. In some cases, dyslexia and ADHD are related to a chromosomal abnormality. An X and Y Chromosome Variation Center can help you to determine if a chromosomal abnormality is the reason your child is experiencing challenges.

When you bring your child to an X and Y Chromosome Variation Center, evaluations will be performed to get a complete picture of your child. Your input is extremely important. You spend every day and night with your child. You will be a wealth of information as you share your experiences at home. If results prove there is a chromosomal abnormality, recommendations will be made about treatment for chromosomal abnormalities. Treatment will depend on the type of chromosomal abnormality. Options include hormone therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Your child may have an Individual Education Plan. An Individual Family Service Plan is also possible, providing your child with early intervention from birth to the age of three. To learn more, visit

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