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How Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Outsourcing Can Help Save You Time and Improve Revenue

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) is at the core of every doctor-patient encounter because medical professionals use the process to streamline administrative tasks. Hence, every successful healthcare facility must ensure that it has a functional CDI program in place.

These programs are important because they help the medical staff to clearly translate the clinical status of the patient into relevant coded data that are used by other stakeholders. For instance, the coded data is then used in physician report cards, disease tracking, public health data, and reimbursement of payments.

Since a CDI program often involves multiple people, process, and technology, a streamlined process is needed to ensure that the entire documentation is in place and translated accurately for interpretation by others. The information can include documentation, codes, guidelines, and reporting process.

Benefits of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

There are numerous benefits of a well-rounded Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) process. For instance, a recent BlackMoor Market Research Study found that nearly 90 percent of the hospitals and healthcare facilities with more than 150 beds saw gains of at least $1.5 Million in revenue. These healthcare providers had either outsourced their clinical documentation, or they used an in-house program.

Besides financial benefits, the Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) process also allows doctors to save time. An American Medical Association research revealed that clinics spend nearly two hours on EHR documentation for everyone hour of clinical contact with a patient. Cutting the EHR time is important for healthcare professionals so that they can concentrate on offering medical services instead of doing administrative tasks.

In fact, outsourcing CDI is helping thousands of companies to save time and improve revenues in the long run. A well-structured CDI program also ensures that health professionals can safely comply with the ICD-10 framework.

For more information on how you can outsource Clinical Documentation Improvement CDI, please contact GeBBS Healthcare Solutions.

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