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Are There Health Risks Associated With a Hair Transplant In Connecticut?

Every man will tell you how unsettling it is to watch hair fade as you grow old. For some people, it becomes one of their greatest fear. However, there are those who aren’t as concerned, especially if it’s in the family lineage. If you are one of those who doesn’t feel comfortable with their hair loss, you should consider having a hair transplant Connecticut. Hair transplantation is a medical surgery that aims to take follicles from areas containing healthy hair and implant it on the bald and thinning regions. Owing to the nature of the surgery, one may ask whether there are any other risks associated with the procedure.

Well, just like any other surgery, a hair transplant also comes with certain potential risks. The most concerning for many patients is the risk of excessive bleeding and infection. While these are possible with any surgery, they are thankfully very rare with a minimally invasive hair transplant.

One other outcome that can be concerning for patients is scar formation You will have some level of scarring after a hair transplant. Either a fine linear scar in the donor if you undergo an FUT procedure, or small dot scarring in the donor region if you undergo FUE. Thankfully, both methods leave minimal, subtle scarring which is typically completely covered by the surrounding hair.

Moreover, the patient can be allergic to anesthesia to some extent. However, this type of allergy is exceedingly rare and patients would likely be aware of it beforehand. Last but not least, the patient may experience damage to the nerve endings. Various nerves under the skin may be cut during the surgery, resulting in permanent or temporary loss of sensation. Thankfully, this is almost universally temporary.

While doing hair transplant in Connecticut is safe, there are other risk factors that you need to be aware of. Therefore, patients are often advised to first consult with their surgeons so as to be prepared. At Feller & Bloxham Medical, we have experienced, and highly qualified surgeons who will ensure your hair transplant goes with manageable or no health risk. Visit us today at for more information.

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