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What to Expect with Cataract Treatment in Jacksonville, Florida

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure that can be done quickly. It generally takes an hour or less to get through the procedure. Many people across the country have seen benefits in their eye site from this procedure.

Cataract Surgery

The first thing an eye doctor will do to a patient undergoing this procedure is to dilatate their pupils. The eyes will be numbed, and some patients will be given something to help them relax. They will not be put all the way under during this surgery.

There are two main ways that cataracts are removed from the eye. The first procedure is called a phacoemulsification. This process uses an ultrasound probe to break up the lens. Your doctor will make a small incision into the cornea of your eye and then insert a probe. The probe will then transmit ultrasound waves to break up the fragments. The fragments will then be sucked out. The artificial lens will then be put in place.

The other cataract treatment in Jacksonville, FL is that a surgeon may choose to do is to make an incision in the eye and remove the lens in one place. This requires a larger incision and is not used as much today. This procedure will also leave the capsule of the lens in place to give the artificial lens a place to rest.

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