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How to Support a Friend in Recovery and Encourage Them in Burnsville

How to Support a Friend in Recovery

Becoming sober is easier for some than others, but it always shares a few commonalities. Above all, it’s an emotional journey that depends on the support of other people. Moreover, the stress of daily life can have a massive impact on the odds of successful recovery. If you know a friend who is recovering, the best thing you can do is be there for them.

Sit and Listen

Often, people feel overwhelmed during the recovery process, and it may be hard for them to unwind. Since they are dealing with such strong emotions, lending an ear can do more than you think. When you are visiting a recovering friend, let them talk about what’s on their mind, and you may be surprised.

Don’t Change Who You Are

Even though your friend is no longer drinking or using, that doesn’t mean they are a different person. As such, you should not change who you are, or they may take it the wrong way. Stated plainly, treat them as if they haven’t made a change at all.

Prepare for the Potential of Relapse

Recovering from addiction can be a process, and you should prepare for everything. Support your friends by keeping an eye on signs of relapse, such as anger, moodiness, or anxiety. These often precede an actual relapse, and prompt intervention can help.

If you know someone struggling with a substance use disorder, residential treatment helps. Supportive living apartments in Burnsville could be the first step.

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