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Senior Home Care Assistance in Washington DC at an Independent Living Community

Elderly men and women who need a limited amount of home care assistance might consider moving to an apartment in a community with both independent and assisted living areas. Some of these communities also have apartments and rooms for residents who need a higher level of care with round-the-clock nursing assistance available. Independent living residents can receive a bit of help they might need for cleaning the apartment or other tasks.

Finding a Community

As people who want a small amount of home care assistance in Washington DC begin their search for a new place to live, they typically want to view more than one community. The exception will be if they fall in love with the first place they visit and find that it has an excellent reputation. Of course, some men and women already know which community they would like to move to. They may have a friend or relative residing there already, or they may know about its wonderful features.

When Only Occasional Assistance Is Needed

Continuing to reside in one’s current home and having a home care assistant come over occasionally may be another option, but many elderly individuals do not feel entirely comfortable with this. They don’t necessarily want to stay on a schedule, and they may need assistance only sporadically.
People with certain conditions have days that are worse than others. An individual with multiple sclerosis may be able to function normally most of the time but may have days where the muscles are so weak it’s difficult to maneuver from the bed to an armchair.

Maintaining an Independent Lifestyle

By moving to an apartment at a community such as VMT Home Health Agency, a senior citizen can maintain an independent lifestyle for the most part while obtaining any help that makes life easier. There will be plenty of opportunities to make new friends and to have a lot of companionships, while also being able to retreat to the privacy of one’s own apartment. This individual can enjoy eating with friends in the common dining area or prepare food in his or her private kitchen. To know more about us, visit the website.

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