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3 Ways a St. Louis Nursing Home Will Safeguard Your Senior Parent’s Health

If you’re faced with providing your senior parent consistent care, moving them into a skilled nursing facility in St. Louis, MO, may be the best alternative. It will lighten the burden for the rest of your family, while also ensuring your parent receives good care. There are several different ways that a nursing home will help protect your parent’s good health.

Keep Up With Medical Needs

One of the primary duties of the staff in any nursing home is to ensure each resident is taking their medication on time. This service ensures seniors aren’t missing doses or mistakenly overdosing. The staff will also monitor how seniors respond to their medication to help doctors know when to modify treatment.

Provide Physical Activity

Whenever possible, the nursing home staff will organize activities for seniors to ensure they’re still getting some exercise. This can include setting up outdoor activities or conducting yoga classes indoors. The scheduled activities will help keep seniors engaged with one another as well. The exercise and socialization seniors experience will help protect their mental and physical health.

Promote Healthy Nutrition

Good nutrition is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for seniors who may have special dietary needs. When your parent is living in a skilled nursing facility in St. Louis, MO, the staff will ensure those needs are met. They will also provide adequate servings of essential vitamins, fiber, and protein.

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