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What to Expect from Your Audiologist Appointment in Naperville

If you’re experiencing problems with your hearing, the best thing you can do is make an appointment with an audiologist in Naperville. These doctors are specially trained to diagnose issues that affect your hearing and the surrounding systems, giving you the opportunity to keep your hearing as effective as possible. Before you go to your appointment, the following will help you understand what you can expect.


The first thing your audiologist in Naperville will do is ask you questions about your hearing and any concerns you may have. They need to know what symptoms you’re experiencing, whether you have any underlying health conditions, and what you expect to achieve from your appointment. Your answers to these questions are a valuable part of your treatment options.

A Hearing Evaluation

After getting answers to all of their questions, the audiologist in Naperville will then complete a hearing evaluation to determine your level of hearing loss, if any. They will look for anything that could be blocking your ear canals, including excess ear wax, which can contribute to hearing loss. Understanding what’s going on inside your ears will help them recommend the most effective treatment plan for you.

Treatment Options

Once they have completed their hearing evaluation and examination, the audiologist in Naperville will put together prospective treatment options that will help you hear better. They will likely recommend a number of treatments and discuss the pros and cons of each one, so you can make an informed decision. After you choose the treatment plan you want to follow, their team can schedule the necessary appointments.

If you’re looking for a reliable audiologist in Naperville, visit the Hearing Specialists of DuPage to schedule an appointment.

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