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3 Signs Your Loved One May Need Substance Abuse Treatment in St. Paul

It can be difficult to identify when a parent, spouse, or child is struggling with a substance abuse problem. This is partly because experienced users will know how to hide their substance use from those closest to them. However, if you learn the signs of addiction, you’ll be better able to know when you should recommend substance abuse treatment in St. Paul to a loved one.

Changes in Personal Hygiene

A common indication of an addiction problem that has become severe is poor personal hygiene. The individual will become so focused on getting a new supply of drugs or alcohol that they will have lost interest in their basic care needs. As a result, they will wear the same clothes several days in a row, stop bathing, or they may rarely brush their teeth.

Financial Problems

The financial problems that an addict experience to start when they arrive late to work or school. From there, they may miss days completely, leading to expulsion from school or termination from their job. They may spend all of their money on drugs or alcohol, and that can lead them to eviction or foreclosure on their home.

Loss of Interest

It’s a clear sign that an individual needs substance abuse treatment in St. Paul if you notice that they lose interest in things that made them happy. For example, if they stop playing sports, substance use may be to blame. They may also lose friendships as they spend more time using drugs or alcohol.

When your loved one is ready to seek help for a substance use problem, contact Options Family & Behavior Services by visiting their website today.

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