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Getting An Elderly Person Ready for Senior Living in Fairfax, VA

When an elderly person starts to have difficulty getting around their home without falling, their family will most likely be concerned for their well-being. If the older person lives alone, there may be a need to talk to them about the possibility of moving into a facility for senior living in Fairfax, VA. Here are some steps one can take to convince their loved one that going to a helpful facility may be the best move they can make.

A discussion with the elderly person about their medical condition should be done tactfully. Sitting them down to voice concerns in a quiet setting is best. Letting them know their family and friends are worried about them falling and getting hurt at a time when no one is around can make them think about the prospect of moving. Let them know that everyone feels a senior living facility will be the best way for them to get the help they need while enjoying themselves as well.

It is best to bring the person to a facility so they can observe others in the habitat. The elderly person can also see what types of activities are offered at the facility. They may find they will enjoy themselves as they will have the chance to be social with other people their age. Have them visit the cafeteria during a visit as well as look at a few rooms, so they know what they look like before moving. They will enjoy walking the grounds outdoors as well.

After a visit to the facility, let the elderly person know that their family and friends wish for them to try the facility temporarily. Tell them if they do not like their stay there, alternate plans can be made. In most instances, the person will be curious about the way of the life they will lead after taking a visit. Knowing their stay is not permanent unless they are happy with their new home can be helpful in getting the elderly person to give it a try.

If someone wishes to visit a facility for senior living in Fairfax, VA, they can take a tour of one in the area. Visit The Virginian Retirement Community to set up an appointment to tour the facility with the elderly person if desired.

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