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When You Need to Seek Help from Gainesville GA Spine Specialists

A majority of people experience back pain at one point in their life. Typically, the pain resolves itself after a few weeks, and they are able to go back to their normal daily activities. When you have pain that does not dissipate on its own, you might need further assistance. Once you see your family practitioner in Gainesville GA, spine specialists in Gainesville GA might be your next best step.

Family Doctor

When you first experience the back pain that does not go away, you can visit your family practitioner for help. He can administer some treatments, including pain or anti-inflammatory medications, order medical imaging tests and send you for physical therapy. Your primary care doctor can offer many solutions to your problem, which are worth exploring before escalating the issues to a higher specialist.

Physical Therapy

When the pain does not go away after a week or two, physical therapy might be recommended. During your sessions, you will undergo guided exercises and stretches to help improve the health of your back. In addition, the physical therapists can help you learn proper back care, preventive measures to take in the future and how to carry out your normal daily routines without putting your back at risk. This might include training on proper posture, incorporating ergonomics into your occupation and methods for daily stretching. If the pain still does not go away, your next step is spine specialists.


Just as you would seek help from a cardiologist for a heart problem, you should seek help from a spine specialist when your back problems continue. Seeing a specialist does not automatically mean you will need back surgery; they have a variety of methods to use to assist you with your back pain. Your doctor will thoroughly examine your spine and go over your medical imaging tests and any medical history to determine the best method for treatment.

If you experience back pain, spine specialists in Gainesville GA might help you resume normal activities. They are not typically the first step, but when your primary care doctor and physical therapist cannot resolve your pain, you might need to seek specialized attention. Seeking help from a specialist does not mean you will automatically require surgery; they have many methods of treatment to help a variety of spinal issues.

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