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A Chiropractor in West Loop Treats the Whole You!

A Chiropractor in West Loop can offer you the treatments that are focused on getting you on the path to wellness. Chiropractic medicine focuses on holistic treatment options. This discipline treats the whole person.

The Whole You

Experiencing overall wellness is different from the standard definition of healthy. Healthy is when you are absent of illness but that does not necessarily mean that you are well. Wellness is when your body is in balance and that you are:

  • Emotionally well
  • Physically well
  • Living well

Traditional MD’s are looking for disease, they are not necessarily looking at the whole picture. A chiropractor believes that everything is linked in your overall health. For example, while it may be that your hip hurts, it can be coming from your posture, your back, your feet or your knees, the pain is just being realized in your hip. A chiropractor looks at every component of your lifestyle to help cure you.

Living Well

Chiropractic care is big on nutrition. Food can be medicine. With the right nutrition your body can run like a finely tuned machine, because it is. A Chiropractor in West Loop area will discuss your diet with you in depth and make suggestions for improvement. They will also talk to you about nutrition and supplements.


Adjustments help to get your body perfectly aligned. Restoring balance to your body through chiropractic adjustments allows your body to perform at its optimum. Many problems are caused by your body being out of alignment. A chiropractor can address the issues and help your body to perform optimally.

Emotionally Well

True wellness has an emotional wellness component that cannot be ignored. A good chiropractor will give you the one on one attention that you deserve from a health care provider that makes you feel cared for. Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers is a great place to find the care that you deserve!

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