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What You Need to Know About Venous Ulcers in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Venous ulcers are open skin sores caused by chronic venous insufficiency. These ulcers are both painful and very stressful for sufferers, and treatment is a complicated and multi-pronged approach. If you or a loved one has venous ulcers, here are three things you need to know.

Early Intervention Is Important

Venous ulcer healing is more likely when treatment is started as early as possible. It’s important to see your doctor at the first sign of a venous ulcer, especially if you already have venous insufficiency or risk factors like smoking, hypertension or severe obesity.

Venous Ulcers Have Serious Complications

The possibility of severe and potentially deadly complications is another reason to never ignore a venous ulcer. If left untreated, venous ulcers often cause skin and bone infections that can lead to sepsis. Skin cancer can also result when an untreated ulcer forms a malignant tumor.

Lifestyle Changes Can Help

Simple lifestyle changes are one of the best ways to treat and prevent venous ulcers. Not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and watching your salt intake are important when you have a venous ulcer. Compression socks and elevating the affected limb several times a day aid in venous ulcer healing.

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