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2 Reasons to Offer SPECT Exams at Your Cardiology Practice in New York

Are you tasked to manage, promote, and market a busy cardiology practice to help increase revenue? Are you looking for ways to attract patients by increasing the quality of care provided by your healthcare practitioner but do not know how or where to start? If so, then here are two reasons why your cardiology practice should begin offering single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) exams and how you can without high costs involved.

In-House Service

One of the main reasons why you should begin offering patients cardiac SPECT exams in New York is so that you can offer this service in-house. Offering this service in-house will not only add another source to boost revenue but will also offer a way to provide higher quality care to patients as they will not need to visit a separate hospital or diagnostic center for this service.

Attractive Feature

Another reason why you should begin offering single-photon emission computed tomography exams is that they will add an attractive feature to help you promote and market your cardiology practice. Offering this service will keep your practice relevant and competitive.

How to Provide SPECT Exams Without the High Cost

Perhaps you are convinced that offering this service in-house will provide advantages over the other competing practices in the market. You are now wondering how to offer cardiac SPECT exams in New York without high costs involved.

Contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc. You can partner with this company so you will not have to acquire or maintain expensive diagnostic equipment as they will provide it for you at your location. So, when searching for a reputable company to partner with so you can begin offering cardiac SPECT exams in New York, they are the ones to call. Call or visit them online today.

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