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Critical Information to Get before You Undergo a Cosmetic Neck Lift

As you get older, you may notice that your skin loses its firmness and tone. It can become significantly more elastic and droop in places that make you look much older than you really are.

Instead of living with a droopy jawline or saggy chin, you can undergo a cosmetic procedure to tighten up these problem areas. You can decide whether or not to undergo a neck lift in Lakeview by getting critical information about the procedure first.

Disclosing Medications

Before you undergo this procedure, it is important to know how your current medication regimen could affect it. If, for example, you take blood thinners for a heart condition, you could experience challenges in your recovery. The blood thinners could cause you to bleed profusely instead of clotting as you should.

Likewise, you could take longer to heal if you are diabetic and use insulin. To ensure that you heal as quickly and easily as possible, you need to disclose to your doctor that you have diabetes and take insulin injections to manage it. Your doctor can adjust your procedure to ensure that you bleed as little as possible and have minimal cutting made in your neckline.

Before you undergo a neck lift in Lakeview, you will first have a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. You can make that appointment or get more information online. Contact Adam J. Cohen MD by visiting his office’s website at to get more details today.

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