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3 Types of Exams Your Vision Test in Jacksonville, FL, Will Include

It’s a good practice to undergo a vision test in Jacksonville, FL, once a year to ensure you haven’t suffered any significant vision changes. During the exam, you’ll be subjected to a variety of different tests that measure your eye health in different ways. Here are a few examples of the tests and how they measure your vision.

Visual Acuity Test
This is the standard eye chart test, which involves reading a series of numbers and letters. In the past, this consisted of standing back behind a line on the floor and reading a printed poster chart. While those charts are still in use, most optometrists use computerized charts for greater accuracy. This test evaluates your ability to see characters from a distance.

Color Blindness Test
Another test that has been computerized is the color blindness test. This involves looking at a pattern with numbers hidden within the design. The numbers are shaded in different colors to find out if you can see them. If you have difficulty distinguishing the numbers from the rest of the pattern, the optometrist will subject you to other tests to measure the extent of your color blindness.

This is the machine used to measure how the lenses of your eyes react to changes in light. It involves sitting in a dim room and looking at objects through different lens prescriptions. This test is an essential part of any vision test in Jacksonville, FL, because it helps the optometrist determine the strength of your corrective lenses.

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