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Receiving Body Feminization Surgery in Plano, TX, May Be Highly Beneficial

If you’ve used estrogen and gone through different lifestyle changes, it may not be enough of a transition to feel satisfied with your situation. Ensuring you are happy can be done by looking into getting body feminization surgery. Getting this type of assistance can move you on the path towards receiving the level of feminization you desire.

Defining Different Female Body Shapes

While there’s no single way to define a female’s body shape, there are specific types, which include shapes like rectangle, pear, apple and hourglass. If you’d like to achieve one of these female body shapes, you should be one step closer by receiving body feminization surgery. Having a skilled surgeon assist with providing you with specific body contours should help you look more like you want.

Treating Specific Areas

There are specific areas that can be treated to achieve a body that looks more feminine. One of the main goals of receiving body feminization surgery is to give you the types of curves associated with the four body shapes. This transition is usually done by utilizing specific fat grafting and liposuction techniques on areas of the body that include your abdomen, buttocks, waist and hips. You can also consider receiving a breast augmentation, which will provide you with breasts.

Getting Help From an Experienced Professional

Going through this change can be physically draining. It’s essential to get assistance from an experienced professional who understands what you’re going through. If you’d like to learn more about receiving this type of help, be sure to visit the International Center for Transgender Care at

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