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The Benefits of Taking Reishi Mushroom Supplements

Traditional types of Eastern medicines have long focused on natural ingredients rather than prescription types of medications. These natural options can be used both to treat health issues and assist the body in preventing conditions.

A top example of this is the Reishi mushroom. It is one of a number of different fungi traditionally used in Eastern natural supplements. The mushroom, which is also known as lingzhi, only grows in hot, humid climates. In Asia, the Reishi mushroom is eaten fresh, but it can also be harvest and powdered. Specific plant extracts can also be obtained from the mushroom and used in supplements.

Researched Benefits

There is a significant body of research on the use of Reishi mushroom supplements. Studies indicate this mushroom has a powerful ability to boost the human immune system by changing the ways that white blood cells respond to inflammation.

These changes increase the effectiveness of the white blood cells, which can be helpful in reducing mild to severe inflammation. Internal inflammation is linked to various health conditions, including cancer.

In addition to improving the body’s immune system functioning, research has linked the use of Reishi mushroom supplements with lower reported levels of fatigue. People taking the Reishi mushroom supplements reported higher energy levels and a greater sense of well-being over the study.

Not all supplements are the same. Be sure to purchase any supplement from a reputable manufacturer that uses natural, organic ingredients that are sustainably harvested and sourced.

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