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An Allergists in Birmingham, AL Will Eliminate Symptoms

Allergies can make anyone’s life miserable. Sneezing, watery and itchy eyes, a red nose, coughing, and breathing difficulties are only a few of the symptoms and individual will suffer from when they have an allergic reaction. An Allergists in Birmingham, AL can perform environmental and food allergy testing to determine the allergen that is causing problems.

Allergic reactions can cause asthma and difficulty breathing. The ears, nose, and throat can also be affected by an allergic reaction. Undiagnosed allergic reactions can severely affect an individual’s health and cause death.

Allergy Testing

The main reason to have allergy testing performed is that it can confirm a diagnosis and provides the doctor with an opportunity to develop an allergy treatment plan. Skin tests are used on adults and children and considered safe to perform. There are limited situations a doctor will not perform skin testing including:

If a patient has had a severe allergic reaction to an allergen in the past.

If a patient is taking medications that could interfere with the test results.

If severe eczema or psoriasis affects a large part of the skin on the arms or back.

When skin tests cannot be performed, blood tests can be used. Skin tests are the most reliable way to determine allergies to airborne substances, such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen.

Side Effects Of Skin Testing

A common side effect of skin testing is itchy bumps and slightly swollen red skin. The itchy bumps are called wheals and will be noticeable during the test. Redness and itching could develop a few hours after the test is complete and remain on the skin for a few days.

Treating Allergies

An allergist in Evansville IN might suggest that a patient avoid environmental allergens like dust mites and pet dander. There are a variety of non-medical treatments that can be used to control a patient’s environment and eliminate the allergens. Individuals who have cannot control the environment should consider receiving allergy shots to alleviate the discomfort they suffer.

A patient will know what they’re allergic to before they leave the doctor’s office on the day of skin testing. For more information, contact Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center .

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