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The Importance of Dentistry for Children in Charleston, SC

Many people think a child’s teeth are the same as an adults, but this could not be further from the truth. A child’s teeth and gums are much more prone to cavities and since they are still growing, these cavities could have lasting impacts on their oral health. Just under your child’s baby teeth, lie their adult teeth. These teeth are fed by the same vessels in the gum tissue as the baby teeth. When cavities begin to strike the teeth, the decay could travel to the adult teeth and cause them to come in with decay or being malformed or damaged. This is why it is imperative your child receives Dentistry for Children in Charleston, SC. Through preventative care and regular dental treatments, your child’s teeth and gums can stay healthy.

How Does the Dentist Keep Your Child’s Teeth and Gums Healthy?

Through Dentistry for Children in Charleston, SC, your child will first have a deep cleaning. The cleaning process is much more than simply brushing the teeth. This involves using special tools to remove food and plaque particles on the entire surface area of each tooth and between the teeth. Though you brush and floss your child’s teeth daily, there are areas you could be missing. Through a thorough, cleaning twice a year, your child’s teeth can be protected from decay.

Along with the cleaning process, a fluoride treatment is given. Fluoride has the ability to strengthen the teeth and help the enamel to stay strong and protective. This is why most water municipalities across the United States fluoridate their water. With a strong fluoride treatment and daily brushing and flossing, your child can avoid cavities.

Through a preventative care appointment, your child’s teeth and gums are thoroughly examined and X-rayed. X-rays allow the dentist to see deep within the tooth and gum structures, to find any health concerns that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The examination process can find cavities, signs of gum disease and even oral cancers in their earliest stages.

If your child is in need of dental care, contact Solomon Family Dentistry and schedule an appointment right away. With proper dental care, your child’s teeth will grow healthy and strong.

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