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Questions And Answers About Surgical Procedures At An Animal Hospital In Columbia MD

Trained veterinarians who treat pets at an Animal hospital in Columbia MD are often required to perform surgical procedures. Spay and neuter surgeries are common procedures that many pet owners request for their cats and dogs. Other frequently performed surgeries include the removal of tumors, repairing fractured bones and exploratory procedures. Read the questions and answers below to learn what pet owners often ask about pet surgeries.

Q.) Is it dangerous for pets to have surgical procedures?

A.) Before a pet has a surgical procedure, the veterinarian will perform various tests to ensure the pet is healthy enough for the surgery. Prior to the surgery, the vet will give the pet an anesthesia and the pet’s vital signs will be monitored before, during and after the surgery. While some surgeries can be riskier than others, veterinarians are trained to safely perform many different kinds of surgical procedures. Before the surgery, the veterinarian will speak to the pet owner about any risks associated with the specific surgery.

Q.) What type of care is required for a pet right after having a surgical procedure?

A.) A veterinarian who performs surgeries at an Animal hospital in Columbia MD will give the pet owner specific care instructions to follow after the surgery. Pet owners should have a quiet area in the home where the pet can rest the remainder of the day after the surgery. The pet shouldn’t get overly excited, and if there are other pets in the house, these animals should be kept in a different room for the evening. It’s not uncommon for pets to refuse food and water when they get home, so pet owners shouldn’t get alarmed if their pet isn’t interested in eating or drinking after the surgery. Pet owners may be required to give the animal medications if they were prescribed by the veterinarian.

The veterinarians at Holistic Veterinary Healing in Columbia MD offer various animal care services including surgical procedures. Visit the website to learn about the various types of surgeries that are commonly performed at this clinic and to contact the office to schedule an appointment.

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