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Situations Where Illinois Cardiologists Would Use Cardiac PET Scans

Cardiologists have access to a variety of diagnostic tests, including ultrasound, EKG, and cardiac PET imaging. Each has its own benefits when it comes to monitoring heart health. Depending on the patient’s unique situation, a cardiologist will make a decision as to which type of testing is right for them. Many cardiologists have found that PET scans offer high-quality images and better accuracy than other tests.

One situation where a PET scan would be used is after a person has had a heart attack. This test will show how much damage has been done to the tissue and if scarring exists. Once a cardiologist has this information, they can recommend a treatment for their patient. A PET scan is also used for cardiovascular disease screening, especially for individuals who have high-risk factors. Cardiac PET imaging is beneficial when it comes to detecting blockages and deciding if a patient is a good candidate for bypass surgery or a coronary stent.

Cardiac PET imaging is a safe testing option. After going through the test, the patient does not need any recovery time. It is performed in an outpatient setting. Patients who are pregnant or breast-feeding may be encouraged to use other forms of testing, perhaps ultrasound. Cardiac PET scans use a small amount of radiation. For most patients, there is no risk to their health.

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