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Helpful Questions on How to Hire an Excellent Family Physician in Andover, Kansas

Every so often it seems like there’s a bug that goes around and no sooner than you can sneeze than you’ll be down for the count with a bad cold, cough or flu. Good thing there’s a family doctor to help you see this through. But what happens if yours moves away or decides to retire? Time to go on the hunt for a new one. If you’re wondering how best to go about your search, here are a number of questions to help you decide which family physician to go for:

What kind of experience do you have?

If you need family practice physicians in Andover, Kansas who specializes in a certain condition, then you might want to ask about the doctor’s medical experience to be sure s/he’s qualified to treat you.

Are you affiliated with any hospital?

Some doctors have a clinic but offer their services at some hospitals a number of times a week. Find out if your doctor is the same. You might be lucky enough to get someone who’s near enough that you can come by to the clinic in less than 30 minutes but who is also affiliated with big healthcare facilities that have testing and diagnostic equipment. If and when you need to get yourself checked out or need a complete blood-work done, your doctor can easily refer you to the right people.

What are your office hours?

It’s important that the clinic’s operating hours sync well with your schedule. So if you or someone in your family needs to get treatment and medical attention, you know you can count on your family physician to diagnose and treat your loved ones.

Do you offer emergency services?

What happens if you need to take your child to the doctor at 2 am on a weekend? Will your doctor be there? Will s/he provide emergency services? Make sure you ask. That way, if anything happens, you’ll know where to turn for help.

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