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PRK and LASIK in Jacksonville

Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis or LASIK and PRK or Photorefractive-Keratectomy surgeries are two general ways of performing eye surgeries. Further, services such as LASIK in Jacksonville are available at cheap rates. These surgeries are carried out with different modifications depending on the type of problem. In both the types of surgeries, patients can remain awake during the operation. To aid the operation procedures, drops are used to make the eyes less sensitive to effects of surgery procedures.

Under PRK category, all surgeries are performed using ablation techniques, which are useful for removing outermost layers of eye tissue. It is carried out using a laser based on frequency modulation. Using this laser technique, the cornea is rearranged for making any correction as required. The rearrangement is through excimer laser, which specifically uses UV light for disintegrating tissues by burning them off against the heat. The cost of surgery depends on the severity of your problem and amount of equipments involved. Thus, operation rates may vary from one individual to other

Another surgery type includes ablation technique, which involves surface ablation. These form a part of PRK or Photorefractive Keratectomy. It involves scraping away epithelium cornea cells using a high frequency collimated source of laser light. The excimer reshapes tissue located under cornea surface. The epithelium grows back n later and hence, the procedure is completely safe to perform. The only drawback of this method is that PRK does not penetrate into deeper layers of cornea.

In fact, LASIK in Jacksonville has developed a lot over time. Today, one hardly faces any difficulty in finding good doctors for eye surgeries. However, it involves use of alcoholic solutions, which are useful to soften the layers of epithelial tissues. The laser is then used for reshaping cellular framework as well the connective tissues. In contrast to PRK, LASIK ensures a faster recovery, as it performs minimum damage to eye tissues. Thus, instead of burning epithelial tissues, in LASIK, they are turned soft, so that they can pave way to laser light inside the eyes.

Furthermore, Epi-LASIK is another procedure that involves using a separator. As per conventional methods, femto-second laser makes corneal flap. A thinner flap eliminates imperfections usually caused due to metal blades. This step makes normal LASIK methods longer by a minute. However, including them is beneficial, as then the imperfections are eliminated by a greater degree. An eye surgeon can make better estimates to minimize the chances of errors.

Like with every surgery procedure, LASIK in Jacksonville has side effects as well. It may make the eye very sensitive to external light. In addition, it can affect the mechanism of refraction of light inside the eyes. A correction may even involve differences in how eye perceives the size of the object. Thus, along with benefits, LASIK and PRK surgeries carry some side effects too.

LASIK treatments are useful to correcting vision problems such as myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism. Thus, by far, LASIK is one of the most successful treatments for eye treatments.

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