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Do You Need Professional and Caring Arthritis Treatments in Naples, FL?

Arthritis can truly be a debilitating condition that affects both younger and older people. When arthritis strikes the delicate bones of the feet, the result can be a lack of flexibility and a lack of mobility. This can seriously impact upon a person’s life and make him or her feel stressed, anxious, and even depressed. The good news is that there are arthritis treatment specialists out there who really care and can help.

How Is Arthritis in the Foot Treated?

Arthritis in the foot commonly occurs in the big toe. When the bone behind the toe joint is out of alignment, it can lead to stiffness and lack of movement that progressively leads to arthritis. Arthritis treatments must be sought out at this point in order to relieve pain and restore some level of mobility. Clinics such as Kelly Malinoski, DPM can provide arthritis treatments by experienced practitioners.

Where there are conditions that limit movement and cause pain in the foot, this typically leads to structural issues because the person accommodates for the pain and moves differently. This can cascade into a range of other health problems. Arthritis in the foot and the big toe is normally treated using the following methods:

  • Anti-inflammatory injections and oral medications
  • The custom fitting of orthotics that can reduce pain, address structural issues, and provide better movement
  • Surgery where a lot of damage to the joint has occurred

Living with Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions but can be managed when caught early enough. Arthritis treatments in Naples, FL provide relief from the pain and discomfort of this condition when it involves the feet and it is important to seek out professional evaluation and treatment as early as possible so as to avoid further damage.

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