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When to See a Dermatologist in East Windsor, NJ, for Your Eczema

Eczema is a condition that is caused by inflammation of the skin. You may be able to manage at home. However, there are some cases when it is best for you to make an appointment with the dermatologist so that you can get an eczema cure in East Windsor, NJ.

Your Skin Does Not Respond to Treatment

There are several over-the-counter treatments that are available. They should start working after a week. However, if your skin does not respond to the treatment after a week, then it is time for you to make an appointment with a dermatologist.

You Have Raised Bumps That Leak Fluid

These raised bumps are caused by inflammation. It is important for you to avoid scratching them because they can leak fluid. They will form a crust when they dry.

You Keep Having Flare-Ups

Some people notice that their eczema gets worse at times. If you keep having flare-ups, then you will need to see an eczema specialist. There are a few things that you can do at home to contain a flare-up. You will need to limit your shower or bath time to 5 to 10 minutes. Additionally, you will need to avoid products that make your condition worse.

Your Skin Is Dry

Dry skin worsens eczema. That is why if you have dry skin, then you will need to go the dermatologist.

If you are in need of an eczema cure in East Windsor, NJ, then you will need to contact WIndsor Dermatology at for more information.

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