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Understanding Body Masculinization Surgery for Transgender Men

Some transgender men are completely satisfied with the composition of their body after time adhering to hormone therapy, but that doesn’t apply to everyone. There are other transmen who feel their bodies aren’t masculine enough, which is responsible for body image issues and problems with confidence. Body masculinization surgery is a procedure that is available to help provide these men with the body they want when other methods fail.

The Traditional Male Physique

There is no one body type that every transgender man is going to be happy with, but there is a basic physique that can be useful as a reference when someone is considering their goals with body masculinization surgery. The body that many think of as masculine has broad shoulders, a defined chest, thin waist, and little fat in the thigh, hips, and buttocks. Sometimes this type of male physique is known as V-shaped.

Achieving a Traditional Masculine Body Shape

Some men are happy with the shape of the body they have after hormone therapy and chest surgery. Others can get the results they want with those things, along with weight training and healthy eating. Keeping weight under control can remove the curves that are commonly associated with a female body type. However, some transmen are going to find that none of these solutions add up to a body they feel connected with when they look in the mirror. This is where masculinization surgery of the body may come in.

Effects of Body Masculinization Procedures

With this procedure, the goal is to help slim the waist area while broadening the shoulders and chest. This is what makes up the V-shape that many transgender men strive for. There are many different areas which might be focused on during this surgery. They can include:

• Abdomen or stomach

• Buttocks

• Flank area

• Hips

• Chest and back

• Inner and outer thighs

Thankfully, in many cases, a number of these areas can be worked on during a single surgery. As an example, surgery on the abdomen can often be combined with surgery on the thighs and hips. This is often preferred by the patient, as well as the surgeon.

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