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3 Answers to Common Questions About Drug Screening in Salem, OR

Drug screening in Salem, OR, is often one of the things a company asks potential employees to do before being hired. Here are three common questions and answers about drug screening.

Is There a Difference Between a Drug Test and a Drug Screen?

Yes, drug screens are a faster and more affordable method to test for drugs. One downside to drug screens is that they sometimes result in false positives if the person takes certain legal drugs. A drug test takes longer, is more thorough and is less likely to give a false positive. Drug tests are more reliable.

How Long Can Common Drugs Be Detected?

The length of time a drug can be detected depends on many factors. Here are some of them:

  • Your age, sex, weight, ethnicity and overall health
  • The type of drug
  • The dose of the drug
  • If you take other illicit or prescription drugs

In general, here are some common drugs and how many days after consumption they are detectable:

  • Meth- two to three days
  • Cocaine- two to three days
  • Marijuana- one to seven days
  • Heroine- one to three days

Why Do People Get Drug Tests?

Usually, you get drug tested or screened before a company hires you. People who do drugs are less productive and have a higher chance of being injured.

If you need a drug screening in Salem, OR, contact Swiftcare Immediate Medical Care at the website.

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