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Strategies for a Better Outcome During Physical Therapy in Lindenhurst, NY

If you recently had joint replacement surgery or were involved in an auto accident, then your physician may have recommended physical therapy in Lindenhurst, NY. Physical therapy helps improve mobility, enhance blood flow to injured areas of the body, improve strength, and relieve pain. Here are some strategies to help ensure a better outcome during your therapy sessions.

Proper Footwear

Wearing proper footwear to your physical therapy sessions will help ensure that you can perform your exercises safely and comfortably. Make sure to wear rubber-soled athletic shoes that don’t hurt your feet or slip off of your feet. If your shoes are ill-fitting or uncomfortable, you may be unable to effectively do certain exercises such as riding a stationary bicycle or walking up and down stairs.

Prescription Pain Medications

Severe pain may prevent you from doing your physical therapy exercises. Taking your prescribed pain medications will ease your pain so that you have better mobility and range of motion. If your prescription pain medications cause drowsiness, ask your doctor if you can take ibuprofen instead of your prescribed medication before going to physical therapy in Lindenhurst, NY. Because pain medications can cause digestive problems, eat a light snack before taking them. Eating also helps prevent lightheadedness, which is a common side effect of certain pain relievers.

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