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Three Fun Memory Care Games for Seniors in Home Care

Memory loss is one of the biggest issues affecting residents in senior home care in Decatur, GA. Whether it’s through dementia, Alzheimer’s, or the regular aging process, many older people suffer from memory loss that seems to get worse the older they get. This can be difficult to see for their loved ones, but the good news is that there are things that you can do that may help. You can play entertaining games with your loved ones suffering from memory issues. These games are designed to help stimulate the brain. Listed below are some fun, memory-stimulating games that you can play with your loved ones.


Bingo is an excellent memory-boosting game because it helps trigger long-term memory. It’s an especially useful tool for someone suffering with memory-loss issues related to dementia. Use boards that hold fewer numbers, and make sure the numbers are printed nice and big.

Word Games

One of the hardest things for people with memory issues to do is recall random words. By joining them in entertaining word games, you’ll help them remember certain words easier. You can make it a fun game of completing simple phrases like, “Absence makes the heart grow.” You could also play a game where you describe an object in a really fun way so that they can try and guess what it is.

Digital Games

Digital games and apps aren’t just for young people. Many apps have done amazingly well with people of all ages suffering from brain-related conditions like autism. There are also apps that have been created to help older people suffering from memory loss. These games allow the users to have a great time while doing things like recalling interesting trivia or interacting with fun displays.

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