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What Kinds of Conditions Does an Urgent Care Clinic in Orlando Diagnose or Treat?

Urgent care for kids in Orlando FL describes urgent care for patients who are 21 years old or younger. Urgent care itself describes medical care for minor conditions that still need to be treated quickly and can’t wait for normal office hours. The urgent care clinic is thus open every day.

What Lab Tests Can Be Performed?
Doctors can perform a variety of lab tests that include the following:
• Accu-Chek
• Chem. 7
• Dipstick UA
• Mono Spot
• Rapid Strep

Accu-Chek is used to test for blood sugar levels.

CBC stands for “complete blood count” and is used to check overall health and test for various blood disorders. Chem.7 is also a blood test done to check overall health. Dipstick UA is a urine test.

Mono Spot and Rapid Strep are used to test patients for mononucleosis and strep throat, respectively.

What Causes Earaches?
Earaches in children are often caused by a bacterial infection. They often develop after a child has had an upper respiratory infection like a cold. The bacteria cause fluid to accumulate in the middle ear behind the eardrum.

What Is the Difference Between A Cold and The Flu?
Both colds and flu are upper respiratory infections caused by viruses. Both have similar symptoms like sore throat, runny nose, and coughing. Flu, however, is usually more severe than a cold, and it also lasts longer. Most colds last a week to ten days, while flu can last weeks.

A patient with the flu is more likely to develop other symptoms like a high fever or vomiting. They are also more likely to develop complications like bronchitis.

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