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You MUST See a Doctor within 14 Days of an Auto Accident!!!

When you get injured in a car accident, you have no time to waste!! The State of Florida requires you see a licensed medical physician within 14 days of your auto accident. Otherwise, your insurance will not be required to cover your medical costs. That is why you should seek the care of a Board Certified Medical Specialist immediately after an accident. You can trust the doctors and staff at Auto Accident Doctors of Orlando to help you through this difficult time. We will quickly diagnose your injuries to provide you the best treatment for the quickest pain relief possible.

You Need to See a Doctor Soon

It is important to seek medical attention after any type of car accident. Realistically, not all accidents end up causing serious injury. Nonetheless, you should make it a point to see a doctor as soon as possible. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that fender benders are not serious matters. Anyone involved in an accident needs to see a physician at the slightest notice of pain. Don’t wait for the pain to go away. Seek medical attention to find out about the true extent of your injuries.

A Time to Be Honest

When you see a doctor regarding an auto accident injury in Orlando, it’s important to be thorough. Some people are a little apprehensive about sharing information with doctors. Although this is a perfectly normal thing to feel, you need to get over it. Your doctor needs to know about every ache and pain that resulted from the accident. Sometimes, these minor pains can develop in to bigger problems later on. Therefore, when you don’t mention these things, you risk not receiving the proper treatment. It can also have a negative effect on your insurance claim.

You Can’t Stop Treatment

If you begin a treatment plan after an auto injury, you need to see it through. As a lay person, you probably won’t understand the true extent of the injury. However, your doctor does. Thus, it is extremely important to follow the plan that is in effect to achieve a full recovery. An auto accident injury Orlando can be tricky. Don’t substitute your own judgment for that of your doctor.

Be Wise

In the end, you need to focus on rehabilitation after an auto accident. In order to this, you need to get the right medical care at the right time. Get started by working with a personal injury care clinic to restore your well-being.

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