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Enhance Breast Size, Shape and Volume With Breast Augmentation

As the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States, breast augmentation in Las Vegas has become a common way for women to gain confidence and feel beautiful. While there are several reasons a woman may opt for breast augmentation surgery, some of the most common are due to age-related changes. In addition, patients also choose to have this surgery in order to restore their original shape and size after pregnancy, breastfeeding or breast cancer. Whatever the reason, the decision to get breast augmentation in Las Vegas is personal and should be made after careful consideration.

How Do They Work?

On the most basic level, breast implants are surgically placed inside existing breast tissue. The material used for the implant and the overall shape depend heavily on each patient’s specific goals. More specifically, most implants are made of either silicone or a silicone shell filled with a saline solution. Additionally, the implants come in a variety of shapes, ranging from round to teardrop forms.

How Long Is Recovery?

The recovery process is relatively simple when patients closely adhere to the postsurgical care instructions. For instance, staying on track with the prescribed antibiotic regimen and keeping the wounds clean with fresh bandages will help minimize the risk of infection and excessive discomfort. Additionally, it is highly important for patients to avoid strenuous activities and wear their provided support garment in the days following their surgical procedure. It’s also worth mentioning smoking significantly slows down the healing process so if at all possible, it’s recommended to quit smoking before you breast augmentation in Las Vegas.

If you’re interested in getting breast augmentation and would like to discuss your options for this type of surgery, visit the Las Vegas Body Sculpting website to learn more.

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