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Mobility Aids In Pittsburgh, PA Will Help With A Person’s Independence

Retaining independence after an injury, accident or because of aging is very important to most individuals. When a person is at risk of falling or who has a disability, Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA can help them remain safe and retain their freedom and independence. A mobility aid increases confidence and self-esteem. It can reduce pain created when performing various activities.

Various Types Of Mobility Aids

There are various types of mobility aids including walkers, canes, lift chair, and stairlifts. Walking up or down the stairs can be dangerous for individuals recovering from surgery or who are no longer strong enough. An individual does not have to remain on one floor of their home because of stairs.

Walkers are used for individuals who are not stable on their feet. Some walkers can be purchased with a seat to provide a place to rest if the individual is fatigued. An individual should test various types of walkers with a company that sells Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA to determine which one will work the best for them.

Stair Lift

A popular mobility aid is a stairlift. Individuals will move to a one-story home or apartment because of fearing steps. Others cannot reach a bathroom on a second floor to shower or bathe. In homes, stairlifts are safe, comfortable, and a simple solution to the problem of stairs.

Contrary to popular belief, installers do not bolt stairlifts to the steps. The rail is attached to the wall, and the stairlift glides up and down on the rail. The seat folds up when it’s not in use or wider access is needed. Other individuals will have the room to walk up or down the stairs when the stairlift is in use. An individual should consider purchasing a battery back-up for a stairlift in case of a power failure. No special wiring is needed for installation of a stairlift.

If you’re interested in improving the independence for yourself or a loved one, contact McArdle Surgical. They have a wide selection of mobility aids and medical supplies for any conditions. In addition, they will deliver supplies to the home and explain how they work. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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