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Physical Therapy in Osprey: Why It’s Beneficial

Orthopedic physical therapy is suitable for almost anyone who has an injury relating to the bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, or muscles within the body. It isn’t focused on one area of the body, such as the arms or legs. If you strain your leg muscle and fracture your wrist, you can go to a physical therapist for help. Osprey residents are likely to find that physical therapy can be more beneficial than just going to the doctor. You should seek medical care, but doctors are likely to use medications to reduce pain instead of focusing on the real issue and helping to fix it.

Total Therapy Florida understands that doctors tend to focus on reducing pain. While that is essential so that you can be comfortable while you heal, it isn’t the only factor to consider. Pain usually tells you that something is wrong. If you mask it too much, you may not realize that the problem isn’t getting better. Physical therapy helps you work through the issues you face, build strength, and work on mobility and functionality. Then, when you are fully healed, you can build the strength back up in that part of the body so that you can do your favorite activities.

Sports physical therapy is similar to orthopedic treatment, but it focuses on injuries that happen as a direct/indirect result of playing sports. You may find that running back and forth during tag-football is fun and gets your heart rate up, but it can also cause your shins, feet, and low back to hurt. You may also experience frequent muscle sprains/strains, fractures, and other injuries. Physical therapy can help reduce the pain and inflammation while building the strength in the muscles and joints. Your therapist can also talk to you about ways to prevent future injuries and give advice about the right shoes to wear, as well.

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