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Specialized Therapy Shows Success in Treating Teenage Addiction

Drug addiction is the scourge of today’s society, and it is especially tragic when it affects a young person’s life. The disturbing facts are that 75 percent of teenagers admit to having tried drugs of some type at least once, either recreationally or to deal with stress, depression, or anxiety. We now know that 90 percent of all drug addictions begin with some substance abuse in the teen years. Since both the mind and the body of a young person undergo a lot of growth and development during these years, any form of dependence or addiction is cause for serious concern. The damage that can be done by substance abuse must be stopped in its tracks.

Effective Addiction Treatment Is Available

Options Family and Behavior Services provides teenagers with therapy in St. Paul by utilizing proven methods of treatment geared specifically to the needs of young people and the unique issues substance abuse presents for them. Use/abuse of alcohol, prescription or over-the-counter medications, etc., can result in a number of mental and physical problems. Complete and successful recovery depends on professional intervention and treatment.

A young person facing a battle with substance abuse needs the full support of their family and friends if they are to successfully overcome and remain free of the addiction. At the Options Family and Behavior Services for teenagers in therapy in St. Paul treatment program, the fully trained team of professionals will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the teen to create an individualized treatment plan specific to their needs.

No two people in the world are alike, and this is very true of a young person and their struggles with addiction and the treatment they will need in order to successfully overcome it.

Caring Professinals are Ready to Help

Once the treatment plan has been created, your teen will be in the best possible hands to see them through their addiction and to deal with any issues that may have resulted from it. Our facility focuses on complete wellness, treating the cause of the addiction, and the symptoms. This ensures a full recovery and a return to normalcy in everyday life. Your teen’s family and social relationships, school performance, mental, emotional, and physical health are all successfully restored by these proven effective treatment methods.

Options Family and Behavior Services found online at, is ready and able to help. Being a teen can be difficult enough these days without the added problem of addiction.

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