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Four Reasons You Need a Primary Care Doctor for Your Children in San Diego

People with primary care doctors have physicians they can call when they get sick or injured. This should also be the case with kids. Instead of calling your family doctor, you can call a pediatrician if your child needs medical attention. If your child doesn’t have this type of primary care doctor, you need to get one. Here are some essential reasons why.

Education and Experience
Your children’s primary care doctor in San Diego should have both the education and experience to help with both minor and major issues. For one thing, your children’s doctor should have four years of medical school as well a a three-year residency in pediatric medicine, according to Everyday Health. Children’s bodies are developing and are more fragile than adults. That’s why they require doctors that specialize in pediatrics.

Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle
The right pediatrician will also know the proper nutrition kids need at certain ages. They’ll also ensure your child is the proper height and weight. If your child is underweight, for example, a pediatrician may recommend supplements to help your child reach his/her ideal weight. A pediatrician can also recommend special diets for children who are overweight.

Fights Childhood Infections or Diseases
Although many diseases like polio and diphtheria are not widespread today, your child’s primary care doctor in San Diego should still provide vaccines when necessary. Similarly, your child’s pediatrician will also give vaccinations for measles, mumps and other problematic diseases to prevent your child from getting them. Furthermore, these doctors will prescribe certain medications like antibiotics when your kid gets sick.

Manages Child’s Health Into Adulthood
It’s crucial for your children to have a primary care doctor in San Diego so they can control certain problems they are likely to face. If your family has a history of high blood pressure or diabetes, for example, the pediatrician can recommend diets and lifestyle practices that prevent your children from getting them.

A primary care doctor for kids can ensure your children stay healthy throughout their childhood years. He’ll also be on call when any of your children have a high fever or there’s an emergency that requires crucial attention.

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