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The Approach of Functional Medicine in Treating Type II Diabetes in Oakland CA

Some medical doctors and complementary healthcare providers are dedicated to helping patients reverse Type II diabetes with lifestyle changes. Some doctors do not emphasize the possible reversal of the disease because they know most patients will not comply with the directions for lifestyle change. For reversal of Type II Diabetes Oakland CA residents will need to boost their activity level, lose weight if they should do so, and modify their diet significantly.

Functional Medicine

The approach taken by some practitioners when helping patients reverse Type II diabetes is known as functional medicine. The focus is on diet and exercise instead of on medication, although some patients should take prescription medication that reduces blood glucose, at least temporarily.

Research has found that certain types of diets, when combined with enough vigorous exercise, are actually more effective than prescription drugs for many diabetic patients. That’s good news for patients looking for holistic programs to treat Type II Diabetes Oakland CA has available.

Esteemed Medical Institutions

Men and women who are hesitant to contact a functional medicine healthcare center such as Stop Diabetes should realize that some esteemed medical institutions have a division of functional medicine. The Cleveland Clinic is an example. Others have divisions of integrative medicine. Integrative medicine has a very similar viewpoint to that of functional medicine. These practices emphasize the body as a system instead of focusing on certain areas of the body that are not performing properly.

Functional Medicine and Type II Diabetes

This philosophy can be used when considering Type II diabetes. The pancreas cannot produce sufficient insulin or the body’s cells cannot use that insulin effectively. The disease can be treated with drugs to lower blood sugar, but that does not address the fundamental problem.

That underlying issue typically is a combination of excess weight, a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. In addition, the patients may be dealing with chronic stress along with sleep problems. Treating Type II diabetes with medicine while not addressing those other problems often can keep blood sugar in check, but may not stop disease progression. Anyone interested in reversing this serious health disorder may visit website to get started.

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