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What Should Women Know About the O Shot in San Diego CA?

There are many reasons a woman can find it difficult to receive pleasure during sex. Often, it is not the fault of her partner or herself. Physical changes in the anatomy of a woman can lead to problems with her ability to feel pleasurable sensation. Thankfully, there are treatments available that can restore normal function. With the O Shot in San Diego CA, a woman’s vagina can be restored to a more youthful function so sex becomes intensely pleasurable.

What Is the O Shot?

When women do not experience pleasure during sex, it makes their libido greatly drop. Women often feel ashamed to address the issue and never seek medical help because they do not realize there are anatomical abnormalities that can be corrected.

The O Shot in San Diego CA takes a woman’s own withdrawn blood and creates blood plasma that is rich in platelets. Once the platelet-rich plasma is completed, this is injected into the upper area of the vagina and the clitoral area. Because the patient’s own blood is used, there are no side-effects.

The procedure takes place while the treatment area is completely numbed so there is no discomfort. The platelet-rich plasma helps to encourage new tissue growth and improves healing so that special area of a woman’s anatomy is better able to respond during sex.

Other Benefits of the Shot

There is also another benefit that has been discovered from the O Shot. When injected in the rear vaginal walls, this shot can help women who suffer from urinary incontinence. As the tissues are rejuvenated, the urinary incontinence issues begin to fade. Many women choose to have both areas treated so they can experience a true rejuvenation of the tissues.

If sex is not as pleasurable as you would like or you are dealing with urinary incontinence, the O Shot can help. Visit today to learn more information. Call the office if you would like to schedule an appointment. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. WIth your treatment, your vagina will be more responsive and you will be able to avoid the unwanted symptoms of urinary incontinence. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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