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What Can You Expect From a First Appointment at the Physical Therapy Clinic in Charleston West Virginia?

Physical therapy can help individuals overcome a stroke or gain their mobility after surgery or a serious injury. When someone is dealing with chronic pain and finds it difficult to remain mobile, they should consider seeking treatment from the Physical Therapy Clinic in Charleston West Virginia. A physical therapist will draw up a treatment plan that focuses on the reduction of pain and improved function of the individual.

What Can Be Expected?

When a person seeks an appointment for the first time at the Physical Therapy Clinic in Charleston West Virginia, they need to make sure they come dressed appropriately. Dressing in clothing that is not constrictive and is conducive to flexibility will help to ensure the individual is able to perform the exercises and other forms of physical activity that will be required of them during treatment.

The individual will also need to be prepared to provide a full health history that includes their current and past medical issues, along with any prescription or OTC medications they take on a regular basis. This information is vital because it helps the physical therapist to be able to provide the targeted physical therapy care the patient needs.

After the health history, a full examination will be carried out and the therapist will conduct some testing that allows them to pinpoint the areas of pain and the triggers that may be causing mobility concerns. Once the testing has been conducted, the physical therapist will begin to draw up the plan of care that will focus on helping the patient to reduce their pain and improve their mobility so they are able to recover faster and get back to a more normal life.

Schedule an Appointment

Many people can benefit from seeking physical therapy. Even those who are not dealing with pain on a daily basis can receive benefits. Those who would like to schedule an appointment for physical therapy should contact the office of Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center LLC. They will help you through each stage of the process so you can receive helpful benefits during treatment. Call today with any questions you may have. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.