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Find a Podiatrist in Templestowe Lower

Are you tired of taking over the counter medication to dull your aches and pains caused by running? Are you exhausted with multiple general practitioner visits when it gets too painful? Then you may need a specialist to assist you. A podiatrist studies, diagnoses, and develops treatment plans for disorders that cause pain in your ankles, feet and lower body. It is in your best interest to find a podiatrist in Templestowe Lower who suits your needs.

A podiatrist in Templestowe Lower offers many treatment options including minor surgical procedures, cortisone injection therapy, custom foot orthotics, and advanced targeted microwave therapy. Selecting the treatment facility entails finding the best provider for the procedure that you need. Find out if the procedure needs to be performed frequently, and how the success rates affect you. Be very diligent when looking for a podiatrist who you expect to either perform regular procedures on you, or to prescribe treatments for you. Find past patient/customer reviews and check associations to verify their reputation. You also need to ascertain if they offer on-site health fund claims, and diagnostic imaging and pathology referrals.

Adept Podiatry offers all the services mentioned; plus, they offer benefits such as health fund rebates, as podiatry is covered under most private health fund plans in Australia. This uses the HICAPS online claiming system, which processes claims immediately. To further display the supportive nature, the supportive team offers comprehensive veteran podiatric services, pre-approved workers compensation for foot related injuries, and general practitioner referrals for Medicare Plus coverage holders. They supply custom made shoes from Dr Comfort Medical Grade Footwear and also accommodate special fittings to custom make what you need. The office is an accredited member of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AASPSM), the Australian Podiatry Association, and Sports Medicine Australia. You can trust the team when looking for a reliable podiatrist in Templestowe Lower.