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What is the Best CBD Cream for Pain in your Lower Back?

Because of their performance as an effective alternative to pain medications, many people who suffer from lower back pain are wondering: what is the best CBD cream for pain in the lower back?

Lower back pain is an extremely disruptive health issue that is debilitating and can make it difficult to enjoy daily tasks and activities. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most prevalent causes of job-related disability and nearly 80% of adults will experience issues with back pain in their life.

But there is no need to suffer in silence. Millions of individuals worldwide have already discovered the incredible results and relief offered by CBD oil for back pain issues. The following tips and tricks can help you understand what to look for when you buy CBD oil online.

Types of back pain

The first step to relieving your symptoms with CBD oil for pain management is determining exactly which type of back pain you are experiencing. This can help you select the best CBD cream for pain in the lower back and help you alleviate your distinct back pain issues.

Acute pain

Acute pain is pain that is directly related to tissue damage and typically lasts no more than a maximum of six weeks. Acute pain in the back is usually caused by a sudden back muscle or back ligament injury, ranging anywhere from a tear to a spasm to simply sore muscles.

It ranges from mild to severe and can be experienced as a dull throbbing, burning, aching sensation that fluctuates throughout your day, but eventually dissipates as the tissues heal.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain, on the other hand, is persistent and continues even past the point of the tissue healing. The exact causes of chronic back pain are typically much more difficult to pinpoint because, unlike acute pain, there is no visible cause, and it is therefore much less well understood.

Some doctors believe that persistent pain can establish its very own pathway in the nervous system if it continues over a prolonged period. In such cases, the nervous system continues to send pain signals even after tissue damage has ceased.

This means that the nervous system is essentially creating pain, and the pain itself becomes the disease rather than a side effect of another issue.

CBD solutions to lower back pain

Both types of pain are debilitating, but CBD products can offer an effective solution that, unlike traditional medications, is non-habit-forming and natural.

CBD products came in various forms, but the most advantageous for both acute and chronic back pain solutions are CBD creams and lotions.

CBD creams are infused with CBD extract, a chemical compound that is found in hemp and cannabis plants. Applied topically directly to the afflicted area, they offer targeted relief that is absorbed into the skin and goes directly to the source of the pain.

There are multiple features to look out for when you buy CBD oil to ensure that you find the best CBD cream for pain in the lower back.

Natural ingredients

When shopping for CBD oil pain relief rubs, always read the label to ensure that your cream does not contain any harmful irritants or preservatives.

High-quality creams will only contain 100% natural products that can be found in the common kitchen, such as honey, olive oil, shea butter, menthol, and coconut oil, as well as other natural moisturizing agents. Any scenting agents should also be natural.

For individuals with sensitive skin, this is especially important, and it mitigates the risk of allergic reactions and side-effects.

Organic sources

It is extremely important that the hemp or cannabis plants used to produce your CBD cream or salve product were 100% organically grown, particularly if the CBD is sourced from a cannabis plant.

This is because cannabis plants readily absorb pesticides and other harmful chemicals from the air, soil, or water. You wouldn’t knowingly consume pesticides or harmful chemicals yourself, and it is best to ensure that the CBD cream you are using does not contain traces of them.

Anti-inflammatory properties

On its own, CBD is anti-inflammatory. However, many top-tier CBD creams feature additional natural anti-inflammatory agents with soothing properties that work to cool and alleviate pain.

Look for creams and salves with ingredients like menthol and eucalyptus for immediate, cooling relief.

The takeaway

CBD products can offer much-needed relief for those who suffer issues with back pain. Determine which type of back pain you are experiencing and look for all-natural CBD products to start living your life back pain-free today.

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