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Revitalize and Refresh With a Full Moon Retreat

Guided outdoor meditation is a wonderful way to

relax, still your mind and follow your breath. The Full Moon Retreat at Sedona Mago Retreat

Center includes a Vortex Meditation Tour, free time and Sunrise Meditation to help you renew

your spirit and get centered.

Unclog Your Energy, Expand Your Consciousness

Sedona Mago Retreat Center offers guided instruction on how to deepen awareness and control of

your body’s energy, called Qi (or Ki, Chi). Qi is the life force of the universe and the force

that animates your spirit and body. Over time, as you become mired in unproductive thinking,

toxic energy and the general business of daily life, your Qi can become clogged and


Clogged Qi invariably leads to misaligned chakras, the seven centers of spiritual power in the

body/soul. The unfortunate condition of misaligned chakras is a deeply spiritual phenomenon

whose consequences include fatigue, lethargy, hopelessness, anxiety and even disease.

Performing consciousness work such as meditation, yoga, Tai Chi or QiGong unclogs and realigns

your chakras so that your body’s energy begins to flow freely again. Freely flowing energy is

akin to unleashed, cleansed spiritual power, which you now use to serve higher purpose and

deeper health.

What to Expect on the Full Moon Retreat

The Full Moon Retreat is like a wonderful introductory course to the work of cleansing and

realigning your chakras. During the retreat, you enjoy three sessions of guided meditation.

During these sessions, you consider your past, rediscover your true self and step into the realm

of self-mastery. At this expanded consciousness, you can begin to manifest a new life at the

behest of a new perspective and new access to timeless spiritual power bound within your very


The retreat is also a relaxing, fun time away from the pressures of home, with a gorgeous

Arizona mountain desert backdrop, a peaceful atmosphere and delicious, wholesome food to nourish

your body.