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Sports Injuries: Common Signs and Symptoms

Sports injuries are a common reason to seek out a pain specialist. Whether you’re a professional athlete or you just like to play hard in court, if you get hurt during a game, you’ll want to be on the lookout for the following signs and symptoms.


This is the most common indication that something is wrong. The degree of tenderness in the joint or affected area can help you determine the extent of the injury, Very Well says.


Tenderness in the affected joints may occur along with swelling. Swelling is good because it tells you that your immune system is already initiating the healing process. However, this can make for a very uncomfortable time. You’ll want to consult with a pain specialist to know what your options are. Don’t wing it. Find a pain doctor who will prescribe you with the right sports medicine in Jersey City NJ.


Most injuries often mean you’ll end up with a bit of stiffness in the affected area. This will affect your mobility and the range of motion you can accomplish. Talk to a doctor and find out what sports medicine in Jersey City NJ can help you with the pain and discomfort.


If the injury causes your joints to give out or makes you feel like you’ve just taken a hard tackle to the back of your knees, then that could be a sign that you’ve got an ACL tear. That kind of injury will require surgery. Find out if that’s the problem by consulting with a doctor and pain specialist. The sooner you do, the earlier you can check out your treatment options.

Other signs

Any weakness, numbness, redness or inflammation shouldn’t go unchecked. If you see any of these signs, get a medical professional to examine you.