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What to Know About Childbirth Classes

Reading up about what happens during pregnancy isn’t enough. Being in a class, talking to your instructor and being part of a discussion about childbirth and labor can do more for you than you reading through a pregnancy book from cover to cover.

If you’re signing up for Childbirth Classes in Morristown, here are a few essential things you should know.

Reasons to go to class

  • Get the basics. Learn how to identify signs that you’re going into labor and how to handle the delivery. You also learn about the importance of postpartum care.
  • Face your fears. It’s normal to be afraid. Talking about your concerns with an instructor and classmates can dispel those worries and put your mind at ease, Parents says.
  • Find out about newborn care. Get a primer on newborns and discuss common topics like breastfeeding, changing diapers, bathing and more.

Types of classes

There’s isn’t just one class to handle everything. You can go for several classes, though, to cover all your bases, from Childbirth Classes in Morristown, breastfeeding classes and more. Whatever class you take, be sure the information and method they advocate are aligned with your birth plans and beliefs. If you want a natural birth, then find classes for that.

Finding a class

Check out credentials of the instructor first. Make sure you’re learning from someone who’s speaking from experience and who’s had training in this area. Also, are you comfortable with your instructor? If something about the class or instructor strikes you wrong, move on to other options. The experience will be more meaningful to you and your partner if you both like the sessions, your classmates, and teacher.

Timing the class

Attend the classes in the last trimester of your pregnancy. But if you feel like you need to know more about the process, it wouldn’t hurt taking it earlier in your pregnancy.