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Importance of Using CPAP Cleaning Devices in Las Vegas NV

A CPAP machine is short for “continuous positive airway pressure” device. This is a piece of equipment that is used to treat sleep apnea. The basic machine involves a mask, tube, and humidifier. Some users may be concerned about the risk of infection while using this device. However, the team at Las Vegas Medical Store want those concerned to know that using this device is completely safe.

Below are some things that a person needs to know about their CPAP machine. Also, information about CPAP Cleaning Devices in Las Vegas NV.

Don’t Share the Device

When a machine is new, it consists of sterile parts. As a person starts to use it, germs may start to become present in the tubes or mask. However, since these are the individual’s germs, they have already been resisted or integrated by their system. So, they won’t make them sick. Today, there isn’t any research that suggests that a CPAP machine causes or increases the chances of an upper respiratory infection or pneumonia. Even so, do not let anyone else use the device. This can introduce new germs and bacteria.

Properly Clean the Machine

Most CPAP manufacturers recommend that the device is cleaned daily or weekly. This will help to prevent the growth of fungus or mold in the moist parts of the device. The humidifier, mask, or tubes are all areas that moisture will collect. Also, replace the filters and mask cushions on a monthly basis. Then, the mask needs to be replaced every three to four months.

Make cleaning CPAP equipment part of a routine and stick to a schedule, allowing the equipment time to dry out during the day. Keep the machine and accessories out of direct sunlight to avoid damage. Also, never use bleach to clean the accessories.

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