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There is no Reason to Suffer Pain From Neuroma in Kenosha, Wisconsin

The American Podiatric Medical Association performed a study that revealed that about 77 percent of American adults suffered from foot pain. Half of those with pain said that it was severe enough to force them to reduce their activities. Most of the respondents also said they were unlikely to get help for their pain because many thought there was nothing they could do to make the pain go away.

Get a Diagnosis

Foot pain can be something as simple as wearing the wrong shoe size or not supporting an arch. The pain could also come from an injury or undiagnosed condition. Solutions are available for almost any type of foot pain. People do not need to suffer or allow their discomfort to reduce their quality of life. A podiatric appointment is the fastest way to receive a correct diagnosis.

Find a Solution

Orthopedic inserts, physical therapy and a variety of surgical and non-surgical solutions exist to treat foot pain. Neuroma in Kenosha WI is an example of a common complaint. A neuroma is an abnormal growth of nerve cells. The tissue growth often begins after an injury and can happen anywhere in the body, but the foot is a common location. Neuromas in the feet usually occur because of stress on the foot from the choice of shoes and from being on the feet too often.

Like many foot conditions, there are treatment options for a Neuroma in Kenosha WI. Podiatrists begin with the least invasive methods of treatment first. The doctor may recommend ice or heat therapy, rest or exercise or massages to relieve the discomfort. Continued pain could lead to steroid injections or eventually surgery if there is no relief.

Prevent Future Problems

Podiatrists help to prevent reoccurrences of many foot problems and enable patients to avoid others. Advice can include the use of special orthotics, physical therapy or tips on general foot care. Each situation is different, but patients that follow the advice avoid pain and the reduced mobility of a foot condition.

Early treatment of foot pain can prevent the development of some conditions and could help to lower the high number of people that admit they are in pain. Foot pain causes a loss of enjoyment and can affect careers and make daily life more difficult. Visit us to find a solution to eliminate pain and live a full life again.