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The Many Types of Home Care Services in Hinsdale

Senior home care comes in a variety of forms, and most people are unaware of what this means. Of course, the care provided depends on the patient’s needs, but it can range from nursing needs to specialized senior home care services or companionship and help around the house. Nurses can stay with the patient for a few hours to administer medications correctly if they can’t do it themselves or you worry that they will forget. They can also help with wounds and other issues. Sometimes, they can provide physical or occupational therapy in-home, but it is important that you talk to the company to ensure that the offer this service.

Home Helpers of Hinsdale realizes that home health care services can help your aging loved one live at home a little longer and they take that very seriously. Therefore, they offer a variety of services to ensure that your loved one is cared for and safe, even while they stay as independent as they can. Therefore, they don’t offer the service if it isn’t necessary; they talk to your loved one, their family, and their doctors to determine what care is essential and ensure that they get it.

Home care nursing is another option that many people aren’t aware of, but it can be essential to your loved one. Many times, people go to the doctor for every little thing, but skilled nursing care at home can help your loved one get the right care without having to make such frequent doctor visits. Options can include blood sugar testing, hospice support, injections, wound care, urinalysis, PICC line/port care, ostomy-colostomy care, catheterization and medication set-up. If you aren’t sure if what your loved one needs is covered, you can always find out, making it easy to get your aging loved one the care they need so that they can remain at home.